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Experienced Real Estate Agent Coaching

In an effort to support you and your real estate career, we have developed a Program (the Experienced Real Estate Agent Coaching program by JPW Business Consulting, hereinafter referred to as the Program) for you to work directly with a Coach in a one-on-one and group mastermind environment. The Coach will guide you through the many facets of a real estate industry and coach you in developing the skills you need to be successful.

The goal of this Program is to assist you in your personal and professional growth through increased production and success as well as productive involvement in your Brokerage. For the purpose of this agreement, the parties shall be the Coach and the Agent.

Agreement Between Agent and Coach

  1. The Program is recommended for experienced licensed agents and recommended by the Brokerage for Agents that have closed more than $2,000,000 in volume consistently for 3 or more years. The Program is open to all Agents in the Brokerage that meet this criteria in the Brokerage. A husband and wife team is considered one Agent. Newly licensed Agents will be interviewed by the Coach. If during the interview, it is determined that the Agent can not meet the standards of the Program, the Coach can choose to void the contract.
  2. As your Coach, the Coach agrees to assist you working with buyers, sellers, lead generation, handling objections, completing real estate paperwork, guidance through the listing and purchase process, goal setting and budgeting, and working with scripts and role playing. This coaching will be received in a monthly group mastermind coaching session and a weekly one-on-one session (a minimum of 40 one-on-one sessions in a year, and the option to do the one-on-one sessions by phone) at the Brokerage. The Coach agrees to communicate with you at least weekly to offer support and encourage your involvement in on-site and off-site training events. The Coach will also hold you accountable for mutually agreed upon goals, provide you with additional consulting as deemed necessary by the Coach, and assist you with follow-up training (scripts, homework, and so on).
  3. The Agent also agrees to allocate sufficient time for working with buyers, sellers, and lead generation. The Agent agrees to be held accountable for mutually set goals.
  4. The Agent agrees to attend group mastermind and accountability meetings and a one-on-one weekly coaching session led by the Coach. The Agent understands the importance of being held accountable and will time block to ensure they attend these important sessions necessary for their success as a REALTOR®.
  5. The Agent agrees to communicate openly and honestly with the Coach to follow the Coach's recommendations for necessary activities, homework, and required training.
  6. Failure to follow the recommendations from the Coach or to attend the group mastermind and weekly one-on-one sessions, or to complete the agreed upon goals may result in the Agent being requested by the Coach to leave the Program.

Financial Agreement for the Agents in the Program

In return for the coaching and support provided in this Program, the Agent agrees to be placed on a monthly billing cycle of $400 a month ($4,800 a year) to the Coaching Program. The agreement is for 1 year. Upon completion of the Program, the Agent exits the Program with the option to sign a new agreement.